Since its inception, UNO MINDA Group has constantly evolved as a people-centric organization on the robust foundation of its values. The five core values of UNO MINDA – Integrity & Ethics, Ownership & Commitment, Respect & Teamwork, Customer Trust & Delight and Safe & Green, act as the pillars that have constantly enriched the organization culture.

These values work as DNA in all its people processes and practices to build 'One UNO MINDA' Culture. UNO MINDA Group contributes towards making life richer, better and healthier, as well as to the advancement of society through its respect for human practices.

UNO MINDA Group continuously strives for improvement in the areas of technology, innovation, and people practices. However, the proactive approach not only keeps the organization abreast of change but also prepares the organization for the change before it actually happens. These are the key reasons why UNO MINDA Group is a pioneer in many fields.