UNO MINDA provides a number a Sensors in aftermarket like Temperature Sensors, Speed Sensors, Body control Unit, Clutch Pedal Position Sensors, Neutral Position Sensor & Roll over Sensor for 2WH, 3WH, Car, Commercial & Tractor Segment.

Temperature Sensor-

The coolant temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature of the engine coolant of an internal combustion engine.

If the engine is hot, this will cause the cooling fan to be turned on or it will show the hot & cold indication in the dashboard.

Speed Sensors-.

2W- These sensors are mounted in Two Wheeler front wheel hub to sense the vehicle speed and give the output to instrument cluster.

4W-Contact type – Transmission mounted

This sensors are mounted in transmission box to sense the vehicle speed and give the output to the instrument cluster & engine control unit.


Body Control Unit (2W)-

  •       Body Control Unit is a device that integrates & controls all the major electrical & electronic functions on the vehicle.
  •       The heart of the BCU is a microcontroller which is preloaded with an algorithm for control of switches and special protection features.
  •       When a switch is pressed, BCU gets the signal, the system then analysis the signal & releases the output signal for the corresponding unit.

Neutral Gear Position Sensor-

  •       Neutral Reverse Gear Position Sensor is used to determine the neutral gear position for stop/ start applications.
  •       The start/stop system shuts the engine down automatically when the vehicle comes to a stop.
  •       For a vehicle with a manual transmission, the engine will restart once the gear lever is placed in neutral and the clutch pedal has been released.

Clutch Pedal Position Sensor-

  •       The clutch Pedal Position sensor is normally located underneath the dash, and prevent us from starting the vehicle to start while it is in gear
Fast response to temperature change in Temperature Sensor Immediate Sensing on increase & decrease the temperature of the vehicle & Switching on the radiator fan or showing the hot & cold indication on dashboard.
High accuracy & reliability Work on reaching the correct temperature & gives the correct reading of hotness & coldness.
Thermistor technology used in Temperature Sensors. Showing the Proper relationship between temperature & resistance & giving the correct output with the variation in Temperature.
Hall Effect type Speed Sensors Hall effect type Sensors are not affected by ambient conditions such as dust, humidity & vibrations so they gives us the correct output of speed.
Wide Product range in Temperature Sensor Temperature Sensors for all major Passenger cars, Commercial vehicles & Tractors are available.
Square Wave Output in Speed Sensors Easy to read & Analyse