UNO MINDA Group is a people oriented and people driven organization. An equal opportunity employer, the Group is known for attracting and nurturing talent. It offers challenging environment and growth opportunities for everyone. We believe in diversity, as it brings in a wealth of ideas.

The Group offers a very conducive working climate and its policies are employee friendly. Focus on team morale is very high and no effort is spared to ensure that people at work place are comfortable and enjoy their work. Work environment is informal and employees are empowered to take day to day decisions. A number of Group activities like Quality circles and Cross Functional Teams are encouraged to solve work place problems.

NK Minda Group recognizes personal initiative, excellence and group effort. It offers ample scope for experimentation and research and encourages the employees to be creative. The team is rewarded for achievements and bettering their performances.

NK Minda Group focuses on development of its employees by giving them precise inputs for both operational and managerial training.

UNO MINDA Limited - Parts & Services Division

At MIL - PSD we believe, to be a front runner, you have to take people along - be it your customers or your own team members. When people trust you, growth & success follows. With this ideology and the Leadership’s unfailing focus on people, MIL - PSD’s relationship with its acquaintances is based on mutual respect and value for every individual.

Encompassing the whole array of its customers & team members MIL - PSD's relationships model integrity & honesty with constructive open communication playing a pivotal part in the way the organization operates. We believe that it is through involvement, education and practical training we become market leader in many of our product ranges across the world.

The Group Vision and Values

The Group Vision

To be a Sustainable Global organization that enhances value for all its Stakeholders, attains Technology Leadership and cares for its people like a Family.

The Vision Decoded


A business model that is dynamic, responsive, self evolving and resilient over time which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future. It successfully manages technological, financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities from time to time.


Having manufacturing footprints in all major geographies Globally i.e. Asia, Africa Europe and North America





Technical collaborators



Technology Leadership:

UNO MINDA would attain leadership in technology of its products and processes through JV partners, Own R & D, Contract research and M & A

Employee Care:

  • UNO MINDA would be a like a family, that employees could relate to and feel that they are a part of it - company and employees would care for each other at all times
  • Grow its employees so that they are able to realise and unlock their full potential


  • Customer is supreme
  • Live quality
  • Encourage creativity & innovation to drive people process & products
  • Respect for individual
  • Respect for work-place ethics